Jennifer Lopez performs On The Floor live on So You Think You Can Dance

I travelled all the way to London on Saturday night to see Jennifer Lopez perform live on the finale of So You Think You Can Dance.

The Nigel Lythgoe connection was clearly in full effect as he enticed J-Lo – enjoying a massive comeback thanks to a judging role on a little show Lythgoe produces called American Idol – to come over and lend her star power to SYTYCD.

In the studio for the taping, Lopez was nothng short of delightful – there was no diva behaviour on display here. She wore a figure-hugging glittering catsuit and descended from a massive mirrored heart. And when she launched into a rendition of On The Floor – her massive comeback hit with Pitbull – the atmosphere was genuinely electric.

She actually recorded the sequence both times in a pre-record (they do this a lot on British TV for celebrity appearances – it means they can fit in with the singers’ schedule, then slot the performance in later. The first recording was my favourite – Jennifer strutted across the stage and stood in front of the judges singing directly to Nigel Lythgoe and Lythgoe was pumping his fist in the air in time with the music! As a matter of fact, he actually knew the moves to Lopez’s dance routine!

And while I’m not the biggest J-Lo fan in the universe, she sang live and she sang well. And there was a vigorous dance routine thrown into the mix as well. Very impressive!

Two other things I can report back because I had the privilege to be in the studio:

  • One of J-Lo’s backing dancers was a contestant on the American So You Think You Can Dance, back in their season 2. Her name – if you’re a fan of the series – is Ashlee Nino. Proving that SYTYCD is effective at getting dancers exposure in the industry!
  • My favourite SYTYCD judge, Sisco Gomez, was thrilled to meet Lopez when she performed and walked up the steps to introduce himself – he kissed her hand and bowed gallantly. You could just tell he idolises her! I’d been tweeting back and forth during the week with Sisco and he said it was his dream to dance on stage with her. Better luck next time, Sisco!

I’d hoped to post this video on Saturday night, but it only became available yesterday – here’s the performance.

Believe me, it was 20 times better watching it live in the studio!

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