Jessica Taylor and Kelli Young form Danger Minx

In an Alesha Dixonesque move, Jessica Taylor is planning to use her Dancing On Ice exposure to revive her music career. She’s teamed up with her former Liberty X bandmate, Kelli Young, to start a pop-dance group called Danger Minx.

The duo will be making some uptempo dance club style tracks, which sounds a little bit like Booty Luv, doesn’t it? Wait for the war of words in the papers – Booty Luv are a gobby pair at the best of times.

Kelli says

The Liberty X fans will be a bit older now. But we’re making music that we like to hear. Whoever that appeals to – it’s all good with us. People in their 50s, people in their teens, whoever it is. We’re not aiming for anyone in particular, we’re just making music we want to hear on the radio.

I’m looking forward to hearing a snippet of what the duo sound like, although do I need to preach on about how the pop scene is overcrowded with girlie acts these days? In their late 20’s now, can the girls snag an audience? Should Jessica have carved out a daytime telly presenting role instead?

So far though, the girls are unsigned, so it’ll be an uphill struggle for them. Plus, there’s literally no internet presence for Danger Minx at this point in time. I’m waiting for a MySpace page or something to appear and satisfy my curiosity.

And watch for repeated tabloid attempts to ignite a feud between the girls and their former Liberty X-er Michelle Heaton. Depending on what you read, Heaton is either happy for the girls and too busy with her career in Ireland to join them or she’s furiously pissed off that they didn’t invite her. Either way, the resulting fictional war of words should result in tabloid columns longer than Heaton’s skirts.

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