Jessie J ft B.o.B – Price Tag – Single review

You’ve got to hand it to Jessie J, the girl seems to have a brain ticking underneath that sleek black bob haircut.

Her first single – Do It Like A Dude – weighed in on the battle of the sexes by suggesting that girls could do whatever guys did. Of course, it failed by suggesting that the best way to get equality was to grab your crotch and wear your hat low. Ladies, that is not how to be perceived as equal to men!

Price Tag takes a much more effective crack at consumer culture, which I really like. Thye single sets out its central theme early on:

It’s not about the money/We don’t need your money/We just wanna make the world dance/Forget about the price tag

And I hate to get so serious about the lyrics of Price Tag, but it’s so unusual to see an artist who’s aspirational, shows some appreciation of the power of music and a desire to move away from the vapid shit that permeates the media. Check out these lines:

We need to take it back in time
When music made us all unite
When it wasn’t low blows and video hos
Am I the only one gettin’ tired
Why is everybody so obsessed?
Money can’t buy us happiness

And the cameo appearance from hot-rapper-du-jour, B.o.B. doesn’t disappoint either. In fact, it took me a moment to decode what Bobby Ray was saying about six strings and a half stack – which is clearly a guitar and half an amplifier stack. B.o.B. gives a polished, smooth verse that fits in well with the sentiment of the song. 

What’ll be really interesting is whether Jessie and B.o.B. – both still in the first flush of fame – will be able to hold to that awesome attitude when the endorsements and deals start coming in. I really hope so.

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