JJ Bird leaves Big Brother in fourth place

JJ Bird became the fourth placed housemate in this year’s Big Brother. Another newcomer to the house, JJ had a brief flirtation with bixsexual housemate Corin Forshaw which caused ructions in the outside world. She was living with her girlfriend before joining Big Brother!

He talks to Davina about coming in four weeks ago – she asks if he was playing it safe, but he claims he was just being himself.

A video is played showing the prominent bromance between JJ and John James. And a quotable from Josie: “You and John got matching bollocks as well?” JJ says he knew watching Big Brother on television that the two would get on well. Right down to matching clothes.

Davina seems to have some weird idea of JJ and Corin going on double dates with Josie and John James. She shows JJ the footage of Corin pondering whether he was fit in the diary room, and asks if the action under the covers was anything more than a “charity tickle”.

And that’s it. Will JJ be forgotten before the night’s out or was he an outstanding housemate for you?

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