JLS – 4th single – The Club is Alive

check out the picture above – just a snippet from the video for The Club is Alive

All the girls in the worlds’ favourite foursome have just confirmed that their fourth single will be called The Club Is Alive. and will be released on the 4th July 2010………..perfectly time for their appearance on this years T4 on the Beach the very same day.

The new song’s official title was revealed on Manchester’s ‘In Demand’ radio show and soon became confirmed by the boys themselves, posting on their official  page they tweeted: “New single confirmed as ‘The Club Is Alive’ – out July 4th – eeeeeeeeeeeek!!! xx.”

The boys, who are in LA at the momant, are busy working on new material for their second album as well as shooting a video for the new single…………which is expected to include some hot dance moves as they have drafted in one of Justin Timberlake’s choregrapher’s to put them through their paces.

however it doesnt seem to be all work work work as the boys have been making some A-List friends while they are over there, they’v been spotted hanging out with US stars  Kanye West and Jay-Z .

Aston also reveled recently after meeting Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria ”Oh Dear i’m in love” … sorry girlies but it seems Mr Blue also revealed she is ”the sexiest woman i’v ever met”

We can expect to hear the boys perform ‘The Club Is Alive’ on atleast 7 live events throughout this summer;

23rd may – Radio 1’s big weekend

6th june – Capital Summertime Ball 

18th june – Isle of Man Bay Festival

4th july – T4 on the Beach

18th july – The sound city Festival , Peterbrough

24th july – Prontypidd Park

25th july – The Sound Island Festival Margate

aswell as numerous radio airplays, which wil be starting to emerge within the next couple of weeks,and who knows how many T.V appearances to publicise the single, it is very hotly tipped as a sure fire number 1 hit…….i for one cant wait to hear it!!

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    1. yum mum

      sorry scot,must have misread it or just wasnt concentrating when i wrote it. 

      so, is that venue near your hometown then……. you should treat yourself to a couple of tickets for your birthday…….i’m free if you have no-one to go, actually i’m not but i can be!!!  lol)

  1. Trudy

    I have just read that the new single is based on the Sound of Music “The hills are alive” but has been changed to “The Club is alive”. The boys were dubious when it was first suggested but when they worked on changing it etc they actually liked it and hope it is a big success, anything at the moment is going to be a hit for these boys, look forward to hearing it.

  2. yum mum

    the boys are due back in engalnd on the 21st may to begin their publicity and promotions for the new single…….lets hope we dont have another volcanic ash cloud crisis and they have to delay their return, it already feels like they’v been gone forever!

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