JLS – BEAT AGAIN , acapella styleeeeee

i’v believed in the JLS boys from day one, and i literally mean DAY ONE!!
on a wet bank holiday at the o2 when i stood alongside the guys (who were then called UFO) in the queue for the very first audition stage, i remember thinking wow they sound good, over a year later and i now KNOW they sound good!!!
with the recent news that their debut album is available for pre-order online at HMV, Play.com and Amazon , and their debut single BEAT AGAIN filling the airwaves with just over 2 weeks to go before its release on july 13th, the boys are doing some series hard graft promotions.
This latest video, release on their myspace page today is an acapella version of beat again and proves just how tight their vocal harmonies are and that its not just aston with the amazing voice.
i personally love to hear oritse take lead as i adore the tone of his voice and i think he has a great strengh at the fore front of the group . but combined with the higher range of jb and marvin’s smooth ‘sex me up’ tones, they just melt in the mouth.
They cannot do anything wrong right now, and this video, im pleased to say, has strengthened my personal belief in their talent.

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