JLS – EVERYBODY IN LOVE video review



i love this video, its like an old school 90’s classic with the added bonus of being completely current, the whole boy waits for girl, girl finds boy, boy sings to girl etc etc and they live happily ever after. its true teenybopper stuff isnt it,

perfectly marketed

the boys look fantastic and i have to say the directors chose some pretty hot girls to pair them up with -i think there will be some green eyed teenagers watching this over the next few weeks. the song is fabulous, but i do wish it had been released a little earlier in the year. i feel it’s got such a summer vibe to it, the kind of song to dance in the garden to at a bbq party or turned really loud while your waving your arms out the top of an opentop jeep, on your way to a day out with your girly friends. i could’v imagined the swarm of arms as they perform it live at the summer festivals. the song has a real get up and move beat to it and the video really embraces that……..certainly better than the beat again video, but which is the better tune? you tell us…………..

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