i feel a phenomenam emerging very quickly!

with the debut single going straight in at number 1, making the boys the most succesful xfactor band ever and the release of tour dates for february 2010,which incidentally is practically sold out, the mass army of fans must be getting extremely excited right about now….even more so now with the added snippet of news that their debut album, which is due for release less than 10 weeks from now on the 19th october, is available for pre-order and is currently standing just outside the pre-order chart top ten at number 11 (and certainly not going to stay in that position for very long im sure) , my sources have now reliably informed me that on the same day of their album release they will also be releasing their SECOND single entitled ‘everybody in love’, and they have just returned from shooting the video for it in the fabulous city of Los Angeles in the U.S of A

the release is perfectly timed for a promotional appearance on one of the live shows of the 6th XFactor series, dont you think?

not that they need any extra publicity, with the thousands of colourful faithful fans they already have hanging off their every wim they are bound to continue their current success for many moons to come.

*EDIT* the album release is now the 9th november.


  1. Anonymous

    hey JLS !!!

    i love you sooo much, aston will you marry me? your soo hot!!! i love you loads,  your the hottest band alive!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. megan

    hi jls

    i love you all so so much your my entire wolrd:) aston will you marry me ?

    and can  i be your cinderellla

    i love you aston marvin jb oritse xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. kirsty

      i will love  you so much i am your fan i wish u were my hunny i have got the sticker book and the normal book but i do like the rest but it is you

  3. Get A Life (and a working pair of ears and eyes!)

    JLS are rubbish manufactured pop and the short ugly one(aston) is way too full of himself. Get over this stupid band coz the rest of the world already is!

  4. Lubeey

    heyaaaaaaaaaa x omg  i loveee JLS i think there amaaxing  pleaaseee comee to Aberrdeen someeetimee

    lovee yhuuuuuuuu x   πŸ˜€

  5. Sophie

    OMG! Are you joking me?! Did Aston actually comment?!

    JLS are amazing!! πŸ˜€

    But Aston your justt omgg peng πŸ˜› and you seem so nice..

    Wish i could meet youuu πŸ™

    Oh yeahhh, and how can anyone not like JLS?! :S

    Love youu lots Aston πŸ™‚ xxx

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