JLS – Hammersmith Apollo – 13th February Invite Only Show.

This concert was , at the age of 40, the first pop concert I have ever been to.  I was excited and a bit nervous when my son and I arrived at the Apollo on Saturday.  We arrived early, but the queue was huge.      After a long wait outside (though thourally entertained by the fans and the man running up and down the queue line filming us) we entered the building.  I was very impressed with the crowd control there and the politeness of the staff.  I was also impressed by the 3 areas selling merchandise…  Yes there were queues but not terrible bad ones, and the prices were what I expected for a show.    We got our seats and sat through the warm up act.  This I was slightly disappointed with (mainly with the dancers) and I was more disappointed when the lights came back on with no real annoucement of what was going on and they started re-arranging the stage in front of the audience.  Personnly I thought they should have put the curtain down, but this might just me being used to seeing musical productions than pop concerts…      I then not expecting a lot and settling down to enjoy the half an hour of JLS….  OMG I was so so wrong.


JLS arrived on the stage to an amazing noise from the fans but with fantastic back projections (though prob LCD screen) a wonderful build up and a huge countdown……..  Made me sit up (well stand up by now)  LOL.  For the next hour and a half I didnt sit down. ANd it was ALL JLS……… I felt like I was going back to my childhood.  Every time they did a new song I enjoyed it…  I especially enjoyed the Michael Jackson song medley (showing my age) and what I thought was amazingly nice and generous was the part where they introduced each dance member and gave them a solo.   Not all groups are so generous and the dance guys were amazing…   JLS were, polite , fantastic, and looked like they were enjoying every minute on the stage.  Their enthusiam certainly came right back into the circle where I was sitting……    

I cant judge it against other concerts, but I know I would certainly go and see them again as I felt it was well worth any price on the tickets..      Unfortunately they have another “older women” fan LOL.  Thanks JLS for a wonderful day.

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