JLS – One Shot – Single & Video Review

For the third single of their debut album, JLS grace us with One Shot, a song which seems purposefully crafted for those X Factor auditions where people get through – the lyrics “You’ve only got one shot, so make it count, you might never face this moment again…” perfectly suited to those moments where a talented singer with a sad story (I’m recovering from bunions) gets a thumbs up from the judges.

It’s a strange single for the JLS boys – it’s got all the hallmarks of a boyband ballad, but filtered through a Basshunter backing track. And if it doesn’t sound like a good mix on paper, One Shot is a passably good single, ticking all the right chart-friendly boxes. It’s danceable, it’s got an uplifting sing-along chorus and the video features the boys making microphones magically appear! Extra cool points for that one!

Three singles in, and JLS still have the feel-good factor. Personally, I put that down to the boys being a group before they ever signed on for [[The X Factor (UK TV Series)|X Factor]]. They’ve got a great vibe about them, and the dance routines in their music videos are fantastic. Check the ‘fumbling my words’ bit about 26 seconds in to the video – and practice in front of a mirror with some friends!

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  1. yum mum

    definatey their best video yet.very cool and ‘hip’ (as my nan would say.)

    in many ways this is similar to the beat again video; the one room with back lights and the 4 of them chucking out some moves technically crafted after many long sessions at ‘the dance attick’ , but somehow it has much more about it.  

    there an almost magic feel to it – which incidentally was pointed out to me by my 4 year old who has been absolutely bessotted with the boys, since recognising one of ‘mummy’s special friends’ as THE cookie from fun song factory, not ony does my little one know the whole of the chorus from beat again and the dance moves to everybody in love he is now trying to perfect the art of ‘magic fingers’.

    one shot was always one of my favourite songs on the album since first hearing it, so i was more than pleased to hear it was to be their next single release.

    im now hoping we will hear one of their own written songs released. my choice would be ‘Private’ which is a cracking song from the album and one which JB had alot of imput to and is an absolute credit to his songwriting skills , private is one of those songs that makes every girl wish they were singing it just for her.

    back on the subject of one shot, i agree its a typical ‘i have a dream’ song and i actually invisage in many years  it will be re-covered by the winner of some reality talent competition.

    i wonder how many times simon will hear it in the auditions this year. lol.

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