JLS – preview of The Club is Alive

here it is a short preview of JLS’s fourth single The Club is Alive…….


the American influence is very apparent in this single, im reserving judgement as to how much i love it until i hear the full version and in true stereo rather than on the laptop (which doesnt necessarily give a very effective sound quality),

but for now i am liking it alot just with a slight doubt as to whether it is actually as good as any of the so far un-released songs on their debut album.

i do look forward to hearing The club is Alive on the radio, it seems as if its quite hip hoppy pop/r’n’b which is definately their genre, an seems to be the way they are going for the second album, but there’s alot of synthesizing going on, and that baffles me a little, they all have great voices and they dont necessarily need to hide them behind the effects like that……..it will of course give them the added benefit for when  they do live shows without live vocals as it makes it easier to disguise,

anyone else have any thoughts on this single……….i wonder what Julie Andrews would make of it. 



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  1. RandomEnigma

    Haha I bet Julie Andrews will be bopping to it on the dancefloor in a month’s time. Yes, their voices are completely covered in Auto-Tune so it will probably sound crap live unless they lip-sync it.

    The production is really good on this. The club will definitely be alive when it comes on.

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