Anyone planning to see the boys in their final few legs of their current tour, you are in for a phenomanal night out.

It always puzzled me why their management made the hasty decision to enforce them onto a somewhat ‘smaller venue’ theatre tour, but by god am i pleased they did.

i’l be honest, i doubt very much they will EVER play some of these intimate venue’s again (until maybe in 10/15 years time when they’v been and gone and decide to reform) so if your going to one of these gigs – make the most of it, and if, like me , you are lucky enough to be on the front row, you will certainly get up close and personal to them .

i’m going to brush very quickly over the first support act of the night – simply because if they cant be bothered to sing ‘live’ to 5 of their ‘own’ songs at a ‘live’ gig then why should they recieve any justification of being there. Phacebook are another  5 piece girlgroup squeezing themselves into not only size 0 clothes but an already overcrowded girlband market. Dont get me wrong they are very all very pretty ladies indeed, some of their songs were very catchy and sounded good, but we already have The Saturdays thanks.

now Stevie Hoang on the other hand ,a young lad from Hong Kong, who not only writes, plays and sings his own music is destined in my opinion to be closely following  in the footsteps of the likes of Chipmunk. Him and his hip hop stylee dancers got the baying crowd revved up, ready and raring to go good style.

So out came the boys to amass of one giant scream from behind me, each one of them standing at the top of their own set of stairs and in kicked the music to ‘Private’ – one of my personal favourites from their debut album.

And As Aston descended towards the front of stage to right where i was stood in awe of them, i was sure he was singing it just for me – a talent not many artists have these days – his eyes piercing through the shades right into mine. Phewee.thank god for the onslaught of some finely crafted dance moves, that was a close one! 

my racing heart did not stop from that momant on, as each of them take their turn to move from one side of the stage to other, reaching out to the soul of every girl in the room , the smiles, the finger points, the waves, the winks, it was all there in abundance . They way they connect to their fans is absolutely amazing…. And as i take a minute to glance around to city hall i see cries, tears, screams, hands in the air and every bit of love they exude to the fans is being sent right back at them and is a true testiment to the success they are having right now.

With 4 costume changes it was hard not to be impressed by the way the whole show was put together, from the amazing choreography to the faultless vocals , the 4 very gorgeous and well chosen backing dancers, the set, the lights, the boys themselves and their stage presence and even the DJ who popped in to fill a few minutes, they all came together to produce an electric atmosphere.

Even the very beautifully relaxed acoustic version of ‘Close To You’ ,with just the boys and a guitarist on stage, held its own and had its place..

At one point dressed in sexy white suits the boys each carry a rose to the front of stage and offer them to the lucky girls of their choice. Now at this point i definately realise im far too kindhearted for my own good as Oritse moved towards me and held out the rose in my generally direction i openly stepped aside to allow the 6 year old girl beside me take it – Her smile beamed and that WAS the face of happiness, believe me.

All in all an absolutely fantastic gig but the highlight of the night (for me) really has to be the routine to ‘only making love’ the name says it all to be honest and i dont want to give too much away without spoiling it but i literally had Aston’s pelvis thrusting directly in my face at numerous points and even for a woman of my age and experience it was very much an ‘i dont know where to look’ momant. especially when he gives you a wink and a flash of that blinging smile at the same time, i swear he had diamonds in his eyes! 

Their was  one slight downfall to being so close to stage though and that was during their performance of ‘kickstart’ – i was very nearly knocked out by JB’s left boot a few times.

Performing with 100% commitment to every single song on their debut album , including the hit Everybody In Love as their encore and a second snippet of Beat Again to once again show us their fantastic agility on the floor , they even throw in a short tribute to the music of Micheal Jackson for good measure. it was a none-stop high energy,fun packed night with which they had the whole audience eating out of the palm of their hand from start to end and i dare anyone that was there to say different.

The only disappointment for me was having to leave and go home, because i could sit through it all again over and over

i personally wish the boys all the very best with their upcoming BRIT award nominations and i look forward to seeing them perform (whether they win or not) their debut single Beat Again live at the ceremony later this month.







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