Jonas Brothers – Paranoid – Single Review

Disnified pop-rock trio the Jonas Brothers are back with new single, Paranoid. Before we begin, you should clearly not expect to hear a pop-rock cover of the Black Sabbath classic. (Look it up, kiddies)

Much as it will put a big dent in my music reviewer credibility, I actually like these guys. They’re not pretending to be rockers (I’m looking at you, Metro Station), and they’re a wholesome pop act. OK, who knows what sexual deviance they get up to in their spare time, but the image is wholesome without making me want to vomit (thinking of Hanson now).

Paranoid sees the boys playing a straight-ahead radio-friendly rock track. It’s a bit of a progression from the sounds on their first album, but not much. And although on first listen it’s a fairly unremarkable song, it will grow on you through repeated airplay.

Bill Lamb on says

“Paranoid” will fit well on pop radio, and it is likely to earn the trio new fans who will not immediately recognize this song as the Jonas Brothers. However, those who relished A Little Bit Longer will recognize the sound instantly, but see it as welcome evolution. Growing up with the Jonas Brothers has been a good ride so far.

A decent pop video accompanies the song, with people morphing into other people and one of the Brothers getting duplicated – which would be great for Disney’s merchandising if they could pull that off in real life! Imagine…your very own Jonas Brother clone!

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