Is Jonathan Ross getting lazy?

Jonathan Ross

This is the post I wanted to write after watching Jonathan Ross’s Take That interview last week. I’ve got a feeling his show is fast losing its appeal, whether as a result of Sachsgate or just because it’s getting predictable.

The interview with Take That was so dull and uninspired: he dredged out the old videos of the boys in fetish gear and covered in jelly; he teased Gary about his weight; he virtually ignored the other guys. In essence, it was exactly the same as the last interview he did with the guys.

We can only be grateful that he didn’t drag out the Robbie reunion line…

Last night’s show was equally weak – he totally alienated Mitchell (or Webb) from Mitchell and Webb, sucked up to Davina about Big Brother and I think I fell asleep during the interview with the guy from Lost.

I mean, the recipe for the Jonathan Ross show is simple:

  • Bit of banter at the top of the show. Drop in the requisite smutty gay joke for the poofs beside the piano.
  • Drop in a few references to yourself: your dogs, wife, children. If there’s a shot used of a buff dude, pretend they stole one of your photos. That never gets old.
  • Pretend to be chummy with all the British guests – because its a small world and we know you all hang out together. It’s not like these folk aren’t on the show to promote their latest gig or anything, it’s just a chat between friends.
  • Kiss the ass of any star from America. You’re a big fan of their work, you love what they do. Despite the fact that if you were a fan of everybody you say you were, you wouldn’t have time to present a show – all your time would be taken up watching DVDs, TV shows and listening to music.

I love Jonathan Ross, but he’s better unrestrained. Is he toning it down since the Sachsgate scandal? I don’t know, but the routine is becoming boring.

Am I being fussy, or has the quality of the show gone downhill lately?

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