Joseph Freeman’s The Lost and the Lonely Book Launch

The Lost and The Lonely
A new book was born this weekend. The Lost and The Lonely, published by Castringham Hall, is by seasoned, award winning horror writer Joseph Freeman, who earned his first payment for his writing aged just thirteen. Now, eleven books, numerous short stories and eighteen years later his raw talent has matured into a sophisticated, dark style. The hardback version of The Lost and The Lonely will be available in limited numbers, followed by the trade paperback. Here’s a little excerpt to whet your appetite:
‘Whatever was behind him was playing some wicked game of cat-and-mouse. It could easily overtake him; it had only to reach out whatever it possessed in the way of limbs and it could have touched him. He wondered if it would duck back into the deeper darkness if he turned to look at it, or if it would show him what it had in way of a face. If it could breathe, would he have felt it on the back of his neck? If any of these things happened, would he still be able to keep his silence? He had to, he realised, for it was only that which was holding it at bay, and he didn’t dare to imagine what it might do to try and make him scream…’
The story centres on five people who, as children were preyed on by the man who should have cared for and protected them. Now they find themselves haunted by disturbing memories that bring with them hints of something that is creeping out of the past and into the present to finish what was started so many years before.

The launch is taking place at Freeman’s residence, a Suffolk mansion, which has a comely garden decorated with gravestones and tall, forbidding trees. Wish you were there? So do the trees……….

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