Julian Perretta – Wonder Why

It takes a brave guy to record a song that features a kazoo introduction, and Julian Perretta might just be the guy to pull that off. Perretta’s single, Wonder Why, starts off with a barmy introduction that sounds like the illegitimate offspring of the Grange Hill and Benny Hill theme tunes.

Perretta is clearly channelling the fun-pop spirit of Mika with his tunes. Wonder Why is a feelgood piano stomp that shouldn’t fail to get him noticed. I’m already hearing that he’s been given positive reviews by PopJustice, although I’m slightly baffled by this review that suggests a Mark Ronson influence. I’m just not feeling that at all.

The curly hair is a phenomenon all by itself, isn’t it? You’d only get a haircut like that if you locked a Jonas Brother in a basement for two months. But that’s the kind of hair you need if you’re going to perform kazoo on video!

Wonder Why is Julian’s debut single and will be released on 31st August 2009. It’s taken from his debut album, Out Of My Head, which is released on 6th September.

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