Junior Apprentice 2010 – A quick and cheesy rundown

Hey everybody! I’m just fresh over from liveblogging tonight’s first episode of Junior Apprentice. I thought I’d stop by here and share a quick rundown of the show with you.

Round about now, we should have been sitting down to watch the ‘real’ Apprentice, watching a collective of self-important business types bumbling to succeed at basic business stuff. As it stands, that Apprentice is postponed until autumn time. Or so Lisa tells me.

Freaky mini-adults: From a whopping 28,000 applicants, ten kids were chosen to participate in the programme. They’re every bit as scary as you might think – running businesses from the age of 12, discussing their love of maths. Some of these kids are more accomplished than most adults I know, so there’s a level of grudging respect.

Flogging cheese: Newly lorded Lord Sugar gives the teams a task to sell £500 worth of cheese and return a profit on it. The girls prove that a little bit of preparation goes a long way: they work their stuff out before getting started, find a good pitch and sell, sell, sell. The guys on the other hand have set up a stall before they’ve even identified what types of cheese they have.

Boardroom backstabbing: When the guys return with a staggering loss, it isn’t long before they race to blame each other for their problems. I have a real problem with delegators who leave everybody else to do the work, then complain about it afterwards. That’s what happened with Jordan De Courcy – he scrambled to blame everyone but himself for the team’s failure. I think if he’d manned up and accepted some responsibility, he might have been allowed to stay.

Crying in Covent Garden: It didn’t take the girls too long before there were tears shed in Covent Garden. I didn’t think it was particularly fair that the girls singled out Zoe for working almost independently of them. She was still making sales and shifting cheese. And if it was working, what’s there to complain about?

Questionable time slot: I wondered out loud about the time slot for Junior Apprentice. Surely an earlier slot would have been an inspiration to other kids to get into business? Putting it on this late at night aims it at a more adult audience, and we’re all perhaps a little more critical of these young people than we should be. Let’s face it, we watch The Apprentice mostly to laugh at clueless business people pretending to be entrepreneurs.

A Gentle Let-down: Sugar fired Jordan with the maximum of dignity and gentleness. Instead of his usual jabbing a finger at the contestant and snapping “Yer fired”, he gave a long-winded speech about how proud Jordan should be to have made it this far. Jordan was probably asleep when he was actually fired and woke up in the cab halfway to the ferry home.

All the same, good episode and it’s nice to see The Apprentice back on air. Even if it’s not the preferred format! Did anyone else watch it?

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