Junior Apprentice 2010 – The icing on the cake

After we took a week’s break from Junior Apprentice, we’re back on. And watching the terrible Juniors adding value to…cakes. Now, this is a task the Apprentices can really get their teeth into!

The business kiddies get summoned to an exclusive West End crystal shop, and a roasting from Sugar for being sleepyheads. They’re told that they’ll be selling cupcakes in Oxford Street’s top department store, but they must add value to the products to sell them at top prices.

Our fledgling business mavens push away from the responsibility and eventually Rhys Rosser ends up as one team’s leader and domineering Zoe gets the leadership role for the other team.

Rhys’s team struggle to come up with a concept for their cakes. Nick points out that Tim Ankers evaded becoming the team leader because he doesn’t like cooking, then chose to work in the kitchen. What’s that all about? Zoe also makes a faux pas by saying there’s no room for excuses in business. Let’s see if that bites her on the ass in the boardroom later then!

Adam Eliaz is making a serious mess of decorating cupcakes. Some dodgy turd-coloured icing is being used in places which is less than appetising. Kirsty is impressing Nick with her take-charge attitude, to the detriment of Rhys, who looks decidedly gormless.

Zoe cleverly does some market research and discovers people’s buying habits for cupcakes – they’re a one only type of item, so there’s no chance of selling them in six-packs! On the other team, it looks like Tim and Co are taking their cue from love hearts sweets – with phrases like “Marry Me” iced onto the buns.

Sales day

After a day of preparation, it’s time to go sell the cupcakes. The teams head for Selfridges. Adam looks like he’s been asleep in the car overnight. Rhys squeaks at passers-by “‘Scuse me would you like to buy some cupcakes?” Zoe’s got the cracking idea of selling personalised cupcakes, but they’ve missed out by not charging more for the added value service.

Adam and Emma are bickering in the kitchen. He’s making a big mess with his icing technique. Not helped by a frantic rate of orders coming through, radioed in by Arjun. We’re treated to customers being awfully polite about the delays, but ultimately not being able to wait for the slow service.

Adam starts making excuses for his performance, but it just looks like he can’t stand the pace. I think he’s narcoleptic.

Kirsty’s team starts making decent sales late in the day with their fashion-themed cupcakes.


Without further ado, Adam gets sent home. Not because he failed in any great way, but because it became apparent that he was ill. Obviously by prearrangement, Adam was sent home.

Zoe’s team gets a roasting for not marking up their personalised cakes. Rhys’s team turn on him for being a crap team leader. Sugar hits Tim for ducking responsibility of team leader again. Rhys’s team get extra marks for having a clear pricing strategy.

Zoe’s team turn a profit of £15.15 while Rhys and Co make a loss of £89.74. Ouch. Zoe’s team get to go for tea with Richard Branson. Er…does anybody believe that Richard Branson opens his own front door?

Team Rhys implode in front of Lord Sugar. Rhys points his finger at everybody else and everybody else points their finger at Rhys. He lets Kirsty away and takes Tim and Hannah back into the boardroom. Sugar seems to be annoyed with Tim for shirking responsibility and not stepping up. Nick kind of defends Hannah by saying she hasn’t had a chance to shine yet. Personally, I find Rhys a bit slimy. I think he’s looking to dodge the blame for a less than stellar performance.

I think the problem with Rhys here is that he’s talking like the rest of the team should have been coming up with the ideas. He’s blaming everyone around him for the failure, but the others are taking heat while he as the team leader doesn’t accept any responsibility at all.

In summing up, Lord Sugar zeroes in on Rhys, telling him that he’s got capability. But ultimately his disgraceful behaviour in the boardroom showed that he thought he could pin the blame on his team mates. However, Rhys getting fired has resulted in Tim and Hannah being under the microscope in next week’s task. No more hiding in the background for these two.

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  1. slaneyvalley

    I found Rhys very cringing TV at times. He really did look like a lost school boy out on a day trip and wondered where all his classmates had gone. It was only right that he was fired. Kirsty surprised me with her get up and go attitude although I noticed she nominated Rhys as group leader and didn’t appear to want to be a leader herself and yet she took over and would have proved to have been a good leader (maybe next week). I’m enjoying this series of Junior Apprentice if only to see some of theses jumped up know it alls brought down a peg or two (especially the lad from NI in the first show who really tought he was a cut above the rest).

    1. Gerard McGarry

      I know we like to point the finger and judge some of these kids – after all, they’re junior versions of the type of contestant who joins this show – but I think we’ve got to give them their dues for at least having the motivation to get into business and do something with themselves. They’re at least role models in that respect.

      On the other hand, that Zoe kid is going to look back on her lunch with Richard Branson and realise that she sounded like she was reading her CV to him. Ballsy, but embarrassing!

      Oh yes, Rhys was a total plonker. No doubt about it. If you’re the team leader, you’ve got to take some kind of responsibility for failure rather than frantically trying to place the blame elsewhere.

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