Justin Bieber ft Usher – Somebody To Love – Single review

Grrr. The sight of this kid, with his helmet of perfectly teased hair makes me want to encounter him down some dark alley with a baseball bat in my hand. It’s no secret that for every tween who loves Justin Bieber, there’s a protective father who wants to smite him down.

I knew there was some anti-Bieber sentiment out there – which I approve of, by the way – but I had my eyes opened up at a stag night recently when someone mentioned the smug looking little git and a chorus of “F*cking Justin Bieber” went up around the table. Unsurprisingly, it was a bunch of fathers of daughters who led the onslaught. We all know too well about sexual urges of pubescent boys – we were those pubescent boys once. And that’s what most of us hate about Justin Bieber – he cloaks the desire to deflower your daughter in a load of romantic singing.

I mean, he needs somebody to love? He’s 16 years old. If he were being honest, he needs somebody to dry hump. Or worse. Just be honest, Bieber, and stop pretending your motives are all good and wholesome. Mine weren’t at 16, and I refuse to believe yours are either.

Yes, I suppose I should shoehorn in a single review somewhere to justify the title. Irritatingly, Somebody To Love is a good pop song. Let’s be honest here – good verses, and a brilliant chorus, and more than a cameo appearance from dancing narcissist Usher. That guy could write the Kama Sutra of self-love. And grudgingly the video’s rather good, with some great dancing in it. And, if I’m honest, I was slightly afraid that the title suggested he might be covering Queen’s Somebody To Love. The relief that he didn’t makes me feel better.

On a far more positive note, let me recommend to you a wonderful site…Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber.

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