Justin Bieber performs on X Factor results show

Before Justin Bieber hit the stage tonight, I thought I’d try and be a bit more positive about him tonight. Partly because I couldn’t be arsed getting into a flame war with his Beliebers and partly because I think we critics can be awfully hard on the guy. He’s only a teenager, he can play instruments and compose his own songs. And he’s riding on the crest of a massive phenomenon.

So I’ll cut the negativity tonight.

As expected, Justin gives us a mashup of his two biggest hits – Baby and Somebody To Love – but the whole performance felt tragically short. I’d been hoping for a bit of Eenie Meenie, but not possible without Sean Kingston, obviously.

Still, the teen phenomenon pulled off a fantastic, Michael Jackson-inspired dance routine for the audience and I’m guessing that 3% of Twitter’s servers that they normally dedicate to all things Bieber was expended to maybe 10% tonight. Justin himself was wearing a rather spiky leather waistcoat affair, and I’m guessing that the tween audience at home were more than pleased with that performance!

Here’s the video – let me know if I was positive enough! 

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  1. canadiangal

    Not a bad performance for JB.  He so often sounds out-of-tune in live performances.  I agree the dancing was pretty good.  By all reports, he seems to be a good kid from a pretty normal background, so not too bad a role model for all the young teens and tweeny girls.  He will probably improve with age and having Usher as a mentor/guide won’t hurt him either. 

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