Justin Bruening cast as Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman reboot

Looks like NBC’s Wonder Woman reboot is giving lady viewers some much-needed eye candy in the form of Justin Bruening.

TV fans will remember Bruening from the short-lived, not-much lamented remake of Knight Rider in which he played the “Michael Knight” character. Well, he’s now been cast as Steve Trevor – the love interest for Adrienne Palicki‘s Wonder Woman. In a modern twist on the old series (and tiringly similar to his role on Knight Rider), the character of Steve Trevor will be an ex-military officer now working within the Justice department.

The big question will be whether he’ll be emasculated each week by a hot superhero coming to his rescue. It’s hard to imagine Justin Bruening as a damsel in distress though.

In the comic book series, Steve Trevor was an Army officer whose plane crashed in the Amazon. Trevor was nursed back to health by Diana, who then followed him back to civilisation. Since David E. Kelley’s interpretation of the story is said to be playing down the Amazonian background, it’s likely that the two characters will meet some other way.

I wonder what Steve Trevor will think of Wonder Woman’s rather tacky costume though?

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