Kaci Battaglia – Crazy Possessive – Single review

I’ve been hearing this track by Kaci Battaglia lately, Crazy Possessive. You know when women get possessive, they get a teeny tiny bit psychotic? Well, Kaci lyrically goes to town on some woman who’s moving in on “her man”.

Of course, in the video, that woman turns out to be her. And she has a fine time yelling at her doppelganger from a motel balcony, threatening her and…um dancing provocatively. For once in a pop video, the video gives the lyrics a slightly different meaning than if you’d just listening to the track.

Kaci spends the first part of the video talking to herself in a bathroom mirror, before launching into those accusations – “I thought I saw you touching my guy…” The chorus is the best part, all implied violence and death threats. Call my man again and I’ll F**k you up.

Musically speaking, the intro sounds like the kind of electro-crap Britney’s been dealing out the last few years, but the chorus leans on a little Tainted Love/SOSmelody that works well with what’s going on in the song. There hasn’t been a woman so pissed off since Kelis released Caught Out There.

Great song, I expect it to become an anthem for paranoid girlfriends everywhere. And those same paranoid G/fs can buy the single on 9th May.


  1. RandomEnigma

    The video for this song confuses me immensely. Why is she fighting with herself in the video? Oh never, mind she’s hot and actually displays some personality in the video. I’m tired of artists just posing moodily in videos. Show some personality!

    1. Gerard McGarry

      It’s because she’s “crazy possessive”, as in slightly psycho. I thought it was a great concept – girl with split personality fighting with herself over a guy.

      What do you think of the tune?

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