Kara DioGuardi and Ellen DeGeneres gone from Idol

The reality has set in for “American Idol” supporters that Simon Cowell is not anymore a part of the show. The real fear now is that everybody is abandoning ship. First, Ellen DeGeneres came forward with news that she is leaving behind the show. Now the Los Angeles Times reports that Kara DioGuardi has been given the boot. That leaves Randy Jackson and empty seats that may very well be filled by Jennifer Lopez and Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler.

The ‘American Idol’ experience derailed

Clearly Fox, also as Nigel Lythgoe and also the “American Idol” production group, think you will find still ratings to be squeezed from the aging yet still popular program. Jennifer Lopez will allegedly bring the show muchos magicos as Kara DioGuardi’s replacement, says Deadline.com. Coincidentally, Lopez began her career as a dancer, much like Paula Abdul. A return to Fox would reunite Lopez with the network that launched her dancing career on the early-1990s Wayans brothers’ sketch comedy show “In Living Color”.

‘AI’ is losing ground, but nevertheless popular

Sure, “Idol” is nevertheless one of the nation’s more watched programs, but a decrease in viewership has not gone unnoticed by the show’s producers. The Times indicates that there had been grumblings behind the scenes that Ellen DeGeneres should leave. Rather than firing her as they did DioGuardi, “Idol” producers allowed Ellen to walk out under her own power, so to speak. In a public statement, DeGeneres said that “A couple months ago, I let Fox and the ‘American Idol’ producers know that this didn’t feel like the right fit for me”. If not the “right fit” for “Idol” means that she often seemed like somebody on the deck of the Titanic, then yes, Ellen was not a good fit.

Fox Networks Group chair Peter Rice said in a statement that “We love Ellen and understand and support her decision to bow out of ‘Idol'”.

The chemistry was wrong

“American Idol” Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe knew that Kara, Simon and Randy didn’t click without Paula Abdul. Adding Ellen DeGeneres to the mix didn’t help matters. Lythgoe’s personal choices after the failed experiment would have been Usher, Elton John and good old Paula, but that isn’t really close to happening. J. Lo and Steven Tyler have probably the most buzz.

Steven Tyler’s ample lips are sealed

X17 Online managed to catch up to Steven Tyler outside the Sunset Marquis hotel in West Hollywood, so they pumped him for a scoop. Allegedly, Tyler would be made head judge, the role once played by Simon Cowell. Tyler revealed nothing at all. But he did not say no, either.

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