Kara DioGuardi fired from American Idol?

It’s a definite WTF? moment as news reaches us that American Idol judge [[Kara DioGuardi]] has been fired from the show. TMZ broke the news earlier today, which follows on from Ellen DeGeneres quitting the judging panel.

Simon Cowell must be snickering into his faded designer t-shirts as the show is currently in disarray. The word on the street is that Kara was fired, but opted to leave immediately instead of seeing out the remainder of her four-year contract. NY Daily News reports:

Although the songwriter apparently was given the pink slip, DeGeneres made the decision on her own to leave the talent show immediately, opting out of the remainder of a four-year contract.

Worryingly, this leaves only Randy Jackson as the only judge on the show. For now.

The rumour mill is flying into a frenzy of speculation about who will replace both Simon and Kara. Surprisingly, instead of Poison frontman Bret Michaels, a new name is being mentioned: scarf-wearing rocker Steven Tyler. And the other hot favourite for a job as judge is Latino singer and actress Jennifer Lopez. Interesting choices – I’m not sure if Tyler is the Simon or the DioGuardi replacement! And which one is Lopez supposed to be?

From what we’re hearing, American Idol may be moving back to the original three-person panel format. DeGeneres won’t be replaced. At this stage, I think bringing three brand new judges into th next series would be a horrible idea, and alienating for viewers.

For the moment though, nothing has been confirmed, so the wise thing to do is wait for the various press releases from FOX and from Kara DioGuardi herself. I’d like to know the reason she was fired, because I was Kara’s biggest cheerleader – a judge who really took the contestants seriously and gave them good, constructive criticism. I hope she responds to this soon.

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  1. Shout For Adam

    I generally like Kara as a judge – a bit over dramatic at times, but that’s her style. I did however think that her humiliation of Bikini Girl was unforgivable in Season 8 – it was cruel and showed no class. Now that Idol is getting such a shake up they would do well to include at least one singer/artist who is currently reasonably successful.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      Well, at least Kara was a successful songwriter and many of her songs have been hits. I always thought that made her the best qualified judge on the panel.

      As for the rumours about Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler – both are past their prime in the music game, though they may be able to pass advice from seasoned performers to upcoming artists. I get that. I’m just worried that it’d be the Jenny From The Block show and being a fan of Aerosmith, I’m terrified that Tyler might embarrass himself.

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