Katie Melua finds ‘A Happy Place’ in new music video

In what has to be one of the biggest musical turnarounds in recent history, Katie Melua has quickly gone from being a snooze-worthy, low-key singer songwriter with vaguely annoying, sleepy songs to one of the most arty, interesting popstars of 2010. Whether the 25-year-old has finally grasped creative control of her work or her record company have realised ‘quirky’ is really ‘in’ these days, I’m certainly loving the new direction she’s taken with her fourth studio album The House.

The second single from the album, A Happy Place, isn’t quite the modern masterpiece its predecessor The Flood was but the William Orbit produced track is definitely much better than Nine Million Bicycles. What also stands out is the track’s wonderful video. The Flood video had a similarly arty feel but this basically takes the cake. Donning a quirky piece of headgear, Melua makes her way through a number of elevators alongside other elevators which depict images of people supposedly finding their own happy place alongside Katie. The cinematography has a dreamy, whimsical feel about it and has a high budget look despite the album only performing moderately well. It also requires repeated viewing to pick up on all the little details or to try and gain a more in-depth look at any underlying themes that might be hidden there.

What I like most about Katie’s new style is that she has simply evolved her music into something more grand and less irritating, not changing it and abandoning her old fans. And also she manages the all important feat of doing it while keeping her clothes on.

Check out the video below:



  1. Dara Hickey

    Love, love, love it!

    And bless her and her first attempt at dancing in a video! Well, if that’s where her happy place is, dance away Miss. Melua!

  2. Ageing tart

    Katie’s first two albums were very successful but in the interum period between Katie bowed out of music for awhile to concentrate on writing her own material

    Katie has since come out of this semi retirement state and re-entered the world of music as a more modern artist, prone to taking on the quirky and uncertain.

    In her efforts to take on the quirky, she has gone for more in terms of production, something which Katie was strongly critical of when she was given her first break by Mike Batt.

    For Katies original music fans taking on the quirky and uncertain may well be her undoing or it could go the opposite way and place her firmly in line for a lengthy career. 

    It will be interesting to note whether this quirkiness lasts or whether the risk has been worth it. It must be worrying for any singer establshed or wanabe to follow the quirky route in music as it sadly seems to change each year.

    It must be said though that quirky does not mean unique, it does not mean that a singer or songwriter is particularly talented, it does mean that the singer is different and is prepared to experiment.

    But what do you prefer to buy from the music shelves as it is that alone which decides whether or not the singer survives? It’s your choice.

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