Katie Price talks about Alex Reid on Big Brother’s Big Mouth

An unusually camera-shy Katie Price got dragged onto the Big Brother’s Big Mouth stage tonight by Davina McCall to talk about Celebrity Big Brother winner Alex Reid.

Putting on a rather demure front (as in, her epic cleavage was covered up for once), Price called Reid the love of her life. And we all distinctly recall her saying the same thing about Peter Andre, so the big question is “How many loves of your life can you have in your life?” Same old nonsense, eh?

As we all expected, she said that it wasn’t a surprise that her boyfriend Reid and former fiance Dane Bowers had made it all the way to the final because “I don’t go for shit ‘eds.”

Price described her favourite Big Brother moment as Alex getting fake tan applied by Nicola Tappenden. She claimed that they’re both crazy and Alex runs around with his kit off all the time at home.

Later on, Davina grills Alex about whether there’ll be wedding bells in his future. He looks coy, and the camera pans to a shifty looking Price. This is interesting. We’ve just seen an advert for Peter Andre’s expose in News Of The World this weekend, so an announcement of Alex and Katie Price getting married would deflate that story pretty quickly. Stay tuned for more information. I’m guessing Katie thinks that a wedding would restore her fortunes.

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