Katie Price’s single flops in at Number 60

It’s not fair to laugh at those less fortunate than yourself, but since this news concerns Katie Price, we’ll make an exception. You see, her attempt to break into the pop charts with a self-referencing single called Free To Love Again, crashed and burned and only charted at number 60.

My sides are literally splitting.

On one hand, you almost have to admire her ability to not get the message. The British public destroyed her during I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, but she keeps coming back for more. It’s like somehow she believes that the public owe her a living.

My own personal feeling is that the whole single was cooked up as a stunt to give her something to show on her ‘make believe, real life’ ITV2 show. Think about it. She’s not up the duff, the wedding episode has aired. There’s nothing newsworthy or interesting to say. I can almost imagine the producers scrambling for ideas. “What if…Katie released a single? An attack on the pop charts, going head to head with Peter Andre!”

Cracking! A small promotional tour, then a release of the single. If it charts, it’s a victory for the Pricey – the nation loves her once again. If it doesn’t, let fly with the “MY POP MUSIC HELL” headlines.

I’m tired of this pantomime. And as always when we write about Katie Price on Shout, I’m going to publicly call on ITV2 to have some integrity for once and pull the plug on this horrendous woman’s shows and sever all contact with her. The public have sent a resounding message twice now – we’re tired of Katie Price and her ghastly entourage. They gunged her on I’m A Celebrity and they turned their backs on her awful single.

Time to listen to the viewers, ITV.

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  1. slaneyvalley

    Gerard you are a cynic – but absolutely spot on. I don’t think I have ever known a woman who really loves herseof so much. She must be very thick-skinned to not realise that the public have had their belly full of her and all her shenanigans. But no doubt she (or her Team) will come up with something else to keep her in the spotlight (regardless of how the public feel about her). I wouldn’t be at all surprised if (and when) she becomes pregnant by Alex, the cameras will be on tow and probably film the birth. Grrrrr she is like the fly that constantly buzzes in your house and you just can’t get rid of it.

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