Katie Waissel FINALLY voted off X Factor 2010

Inside Man’s X Factor voting predictions played out correctly tonight as Katie Waissel got voted out first in tonight’s double elimination.

Katie ended up in the bottom three alongside Mary Byrne and Wagner Carrilho, but unsurprisingly she had the lowest votes and was the first to get sent home. I think for the first time in any year of X Factor, Katie had been in the bottom two a whopping five times, getting eliminated on the fifth go.

We watched huge cheers go up around Twitter and Facebook as Katie finally got voted off. Apparently the X Factor Facebook page got over 2,000 comments within minutes of Katie’s elimination!

The thing is, we could always see it panning out this way. From the moment Katie wrong-footed the public with her fakey theatrics, she’d lost. And despite – perhaps even because of – being routinely saved by Simon Cowell each week, the public had clearly labelled her as a fake. The biggest perception was that Katie Waissel was connected to the show via Sony BMG, she’d been bought out of a record contract and she’d been ‘placed’ on The X Factor to create drama and tabloid stories.

If that was the purpose behind putting Katie on the show, she certainly delivered. There have been stories about how fame-hungry she is, how she’s sold stories to the press, and even about her connections to fellow contestant Storm Lee. In the last couple of weeks, there’s been the big revelation about Katie’s grandmother being a prostitute. You really couldn’t make it up. However, I think the press went a tad too far digging up that last story – it’s not relevant to Katie’s place in the show.

Anyway, plenty of reporters finally got to file their “Pop Goes The Weasel” headlines tonight, and plenty of Katie haters will be punching the air tonight. But Waissel will have the last laugh – she’s on the X Factor tour when the series ends!

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