Katy Perry announces new album title and release date

Representative for California, Katy Perry, has announced the title of her second mainstream album and given a release date. The album will be called Teenage Dream and is set for release on 24th August in the North America and 30th August in Oceania. I’d imagine that the album will be released around the same time in UK and Ireland.

It seems a bit strange that Katy is releasing the album so late after the album’s lead single. The record’s first single, California Gurls featuring West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg, is currently available on iTunes. Looks like another single will be released just before the album, the title which I really like. Sounds very ’90s and lives up to Perry’s statement that it will be “a guilty pleasure”.

I really love the two tracks I’ve heard from the album so far. They’re not exactly genius but they are enjoyable pop songs and will hopefully exist amongst some other good pop songs unlike her One Of The Boys album. Have a listen to two of the songs below.

California Gurls (featuring Snoop Dogg)

E.T. (Futuristic Lover)

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