Katy Perry dons a catsuit to promote perfume. Oh dear.

Perfume ranges are the de facto standard way for celebrities to make a little extra cash these days. So it’s no surprise that Miss Katy Perry has a forthcoming scent for fans with extra money to purchase. 

A girl’s gotta pay for her exotic Indian wedding somehow, right?

Still, there’s nothing remotely interesting about this story except the obligatory picture of Katy wearing a skintight PVC catsuit, complete with outrageously long tail. Speaking for the male readers of Shout, I have absolutely no problem with the picture. But I certainly have no intention of buying her ‘fragrance’. 

But you’ve gotta love her for taking every possible opportunity to titillate Planet Earth’s males with her stupendous curves…

And to think, I was going to write a piece about her new single Firework today. This was much better.

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