Katy Perry – Firework – Single & Video Review

You may not have noticed, but one of Katy Perry’s most attractive assets are her fabulous hooters. Well, they were until Russell Bloody Brand pitched his tent, giving him exclusive motorboating rights to perhaps the best boobs in showbiz. Rats.

Anyway, I thought I’d lead with the picture above, because Perry’s perfect. Too perfect. I’ve always suspected she was a fembot, and this still from the Firework video proves it. I mean, can you think of any other reason a hot woman would have sparks shooting out of her chest?

Though I’ve got to give Perry her dues – when I imagine the effect that music has on me, it’s usually a fire that starts in my abdomen and explodes out of my chest. It’s fantastic that she’s created exactly this visual and that – for me – is what lifts Firework into another league altogether.

After hearing the teaser for this single, I had low expectations. On one level, Firework hits all the easy targets – it picks the low self-esteem poster children: fat kids, leukemia victims and kids in abusive homes and tells them to “own the night like the Fourth of July”. And the pulsating dance beat that was in the preview didn’t even hint at the wonderful build-up in the intro.

I really don’t like this trend of ‘teasing’ pop videos. It works for movies and TV shows, but not for four minute pop tracks. And it totally misleads the listener about what the track is like.

Anyway, I don’t know why I ever doubted that Katy would come through. The song ultimately is a winner – uplifting, positive and rather stonkingly brilliant. And don’t think we didn’t notice that it was perfectly timed to come out for firework season! Katy’s given us three singles now from her latest album – each one quite different in style from the last, but never once lacking in quality.

And even if she is a fembot, who cares when she looks and sounds as good as this?

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