Katy Perry ft Kanye West – E.T. – Single Review

After a solid run of excellent singles from Katy Perry’s second album, the singer finally unleashes the dreadful E.T. on an unsuspecting world. This is the song we’ve been hearing about since the audio clips from her Teenage Dream album began leaking.

As a reviewer, this is the moment I’ve been dreading. Because I like saying nice things about Katy Perry here on Shout. But sadly E.T. doesn’t have the same charm/sense of fun that the last three singles have had. It aims for an anthemic quality, using a lurching drumbeat and layer upon layer of electro sounds.

For me, it just falls flat. Katy’s voice actually grates on this track, and the lyrics are unforgivably lame. You can almost see the notepad where she brainstormed all the words she could think of about aliens and space. It’s crammed full of cosmic this and alien that.

When she tries out lyrics like “Infect me with your lovin’/Fill me with your poison”, it really pisses me off. On one hand, she exploits her sexuality via her songs to sell records, but outside the pop videos she spouts on about her Christian beliefs. I find that a shade hypocritical and probably very confusing to her teenage fans.

Oh, and Kanye gets two guest raps on this one. That’s the musical equivalent of letting someone crap in your front garden twice. I used to love Kanye’s tunes, but his rap here is unnecessary noise, a star turn to sell a few extra copies of the record.

On the plus side, the video itself is visually stunning. Though if you’re a fan of Miss Perry’s fabulous curves, you’ll be sorely disappointed. She’s decked out in a bizarre alien getup that would put Lady GaGa to shame, and she ends the video by showing that her alien character has the hindquarters of a goat. That’s all very well Katy, but isn’t the cloven hoof supposed to be the mark of the devil? Make up your mind, dear.

No, E.T. isn’t going to prove quite as memorable as the fun of California Gurls or the nostalgia trip of Teenage Dream and it can’t touch the anthemic Firework. Wasn’t there a better track on the album to release instead? A rare thumbs down from me, I’m afraid.

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  1. Dara Hickey

    I’m on a rollercoaster with this song, and currently I absolutely love it. However, Kanye’s rap is, as yu so eloquently and hilariously put, like letting someone crap on your front garden twice. He’s ridiculous.

    This song though is something different to what we hear from Katy, who used to be all about releasing controversial singles just to get noticed (‘Ur So Gay’, ‘I Kissed A Girl’ etc., etc), but something about the authenticity of this song really makes it for me. It’s like she’s set out with a clear goal and has achieved it. It may not have been the hardest goal in the world but it’s certainly paid off. And considering I despise ‘Califronia Gurls’ and the majority of Katy’s back catalogue (‘Waking Up In Vegas’ being the only real Haribo-charged song I like from her), I think she must’ve done something pretty darn special with this one.

    But yeah, Kanye ruins this release and brings it down to a 3.5 STAR song.

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