Katy Perry performs new single Firework live on X Factor

Tonight, on The X Factor, Katy Perry performed her latest single Firework live. Sadly, the singing left a lot to be desired.

Disclaimer: We love Katy Perry here on Shout. We’re big fans of her singles and yes, we fancy her quite a bit. But you know where this is going…

When Katy took the stage on tonight’s X Factor results show, she looked seriously sexy in an all-black catsuit – only Perry could pull off that costume! With a big production that included loads of backing dancers with catherine wheels strapped to their backs, it was a typical overblown X Factor performance.

The only problem was…Katy’s live performance was woefully out of tune. We’re fairly sure it was a case of nerves performing a new single for the first time, but it sounded awful to the viewers at home. On the plus side, Katy was a pure professional and didn’t let it phase her at all. She gave a storming, fun performance.

And here it is, for your viewing pleasure…


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  1. Johnny

    She gave a storming, fun performance.

    You really think so? I used to think Katy Perry was a half decent singer, but so many of her performances recently have been awful (check her out live on David Letterman, cringeworthy).

    When I first watched this I was wondering how she was going to cope with the very high notes in this song. Her voice completely broke trying to hit “fourth of July” (0.58 in the video). Had she not practised this song once before and realised she couldn’t hit it?!? Very lazy and shows what happens when producers create a talent that isn’t actually there.

    With rampant piracy live performances are becoming the main way for artists to make money, you would think that record companies would be desperate to find people who can perform live. Apparently not.

  2. Dara Hickey

    I actually though, honestly, she blew me away during the chorus. I’ll agree most of her recent performances have been sub-par (listening to her live album proves this – she actually is an amazing singer), but I felt she struggled more in the softer verses, than the huge, powerhouse chorus. 

    I do appreciate she did crack of the first “fourth of july” and the vocals at first were very off key, but after that, considering she was bouncing about all over the place by the end, her vocals were in tune, much more so than Cheryl or many of the X Factor hopefuls could ever wish to be.

    And considering, ‘Firework’ is now in the Top 5 on iTunes (a jump of 101 places, and it’s climbing fast), I’d say the performance she gave was convincing and impressive to many.

    Random Additional Note: Listening to Mumford & Sons today, and I swear X Factor’s Aiden Grimshaw sounds just like their lead singer, albeit not as gruff.

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