Katy Perry – Teenage Dream – Single Review

Is it wrong to be disappointed that Katy Perry isn’t wearing a blue wig in the video for Teenage Dream? And we’re supposed to get excited about the fact that she’s romping in a motel room in mismatched underwear? Ugh. Come on Katy, I’d figured you for a bit more exciting than cotton briefs. Damn your skin-tight jeans, get yourself down to La Senza or something.

Right, music review time. Let’s kick off with the intro – I hate those plunky, muted guitar intros. Though in this case, it’s setting us up for a low-key verse and the brash choruses Katy excels at. The verses in places are a bit tepid, like the ballad she released once that nobody remembers, but the lyrics fondly reminisce a hot romance and they’re not that bad. The problem is, everybody’s waiting for the chorus, so we have to tolerate the verse to get to the good stuff.

Speaking from the over-30 gallery, I loved the epic assertion that “we’ll be young forever”, even as I chuckled at the notion. You won’t be thinking that when your chesticles are sagging, love. But I digress…

For as much sarcasm as my logical mind wants to hose this down with, the tune simply reeks of nostalgia and a kind of naive optimism for the future that begs to be left untouched. “Skin-tight jeans” makes me think of the 80’s, even though I only caught the tail-end of that decade, but there’s an infusion of pop-rock sensibility in Teenage Dream that just makes you feel good. Comforted, somehow.

As for the video, it’s among the most sober videos she’s ever released – no brash colours, no cupcake bras or zebras. As The Chemistry Is Dead says, “It’s her first song that feels like it’s about a real person instead of a massive face pulling caricature”. It’s all muted colours and messing around with your mates – real ones, not the kind you rescued from a block of jelly.

*Small aside – the scene at the end where Katy has her hair up…never before has she looked so much like Zooey Deschanel in a hall of mirrors. Not a great look. Keep the hair down. And possibly blue. I like the blue hair, it reminds me of Marge.

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