Katy Perry – Waking Up In Vegas – Single Review

Waking Up In Vegas

It’s not a secret that I love [[Katy Perry]]: brilliant tunes, slightly mad and absolutely gorgeous. And I’m pleased to see her latest single, Waking Up In Vegas is now gracing every music channel.

Musically, Waking Up In Vegas is a fine rock anthem. The song itself lacks some of the kookiness that her earlier singles had. It’s more of a conventional rock tune, to the point that it could have been sung by that other American belter, Kelly Clarkson.

Even though it’s slightly ‘pop-rock by numbers’, Miss Perry carries the song off with aplomb and certainly compensates with a spectacularly mental video. And have you seen the guy who co-stars with her? Surely he’s America’s answer to Rhys Ifans?

In the video, the pair strike it lucky on a slot machine and wind up in Vegas, evicting Penn and Teller from their hotel room (which they share?) and giving Katy the opportunity to dress up in a stunning array of eccentric dresses and look amazing. In some of those costumes, her boobs look like they’re in imminent danger of escaping, don’t they? Not that I’d be complaining 🙂

Bottom line? I love it. The chorus is big, brash, anthemic and you must shout along to it at the top of your voice. Katy Perry will always be welcome in our pop charts as long as she brings her enormous sense of fun (and risque costumes) to the party!

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