Ke$ha – Take It Off – Single & Video review

Uh-oh. Ke$ha haters – myself included – may well have to eat their words after listening to her latest single, Take It Off.

The song’s as electronica-heavy as her previous efforts, but this is something different. Could this be the first Ke$ha song with actual, proper verses? I don’t know, but there’s just something in this song that simply trumps everything she’s released to date.

Yes, it’s drowning in autotune, but that’s par for the course at the moment. But Take It Off is dripping with hooks. If she doesn’t snare you with the verses, the pre-chorus might catch you. Faling that, you’ll be muttering the actual chorus for weeks. And if that doesn’t work, the shouty bit at the end might be your downfall. Everything about this tune is designed to lodge itself in your head and be repeated until you go nuts.

I have to confess that Ke$ha has been slowly growing on me. My preconception about her was that she was trying to be the Lady Gaga of the party scene. Once you get used to the fact that she isn’t trying to make being sleazy an art form, it’s easier to like Ke$ha. I know that sounds weird, but a big barrier to liking her music was her image.

Thankfully, the video goes some way to cleaning her image up. She looks cute, possibly bordering on sexy. She starts the video with no cruft on her face, but gradually ends up covered in glitter along with her fellow revellers.

Interestingly, it’s shot in the same muted colours as Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream video, except when Ke$ha’s party gets started, it’s an explosion of glitter and primary colours.

Still, that’s not the primary attraction here – it’s a subtle change in musical direction for Miss Ke$ha which improves on what she started out with. As Bill Lamb said, those of us who pegged her as a one trick pony will be eating our words with this one. An excellent single. Which, incidentally, is the fourth single release from her debut album.

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  1. Dara Hickey

    This video is proof Ke$ha scrubs up really well, for she is HAWT in this video! I love everything about it, particularly the fact that it looks like it’s going to be your typical trash can video with a rebel party, but the end makes it just that much more amazing.

    As for the song, I was in LOVE with ‘Your Love Is My Drug’, ‘TiK ToK’ was bearable and ‘Blah Blah Blah’ was what it said on the tin, but ‘Take It Off’ is the song that sets her away from the handle of Lady GaGa’s trashy, drunk little sister. She might not have the best voice in the world, but she certainly knows how to pen a pop chrous.

    It’s golden!

    1. Gerard McGarry

      Yay! I love it when we’re in agreement! I did feel like she was riding Gaga’s coat tails for a long time, but I can’t get enough of this song. It’s not often an artist can turn my opinion around, but it can happen!

  2. magsmagenta

    Maybe I’m unusual but I actually like the trashy image and I never saw a resemblance between Ke$ha and Lady Gaga, the video is quite entertaining as all her videos are and I love the special effects. But the autotune is a big problem for me, if there was evidence that she could sing live as well then I could put up with it as I can when Adam Lambert used it on his For Your Entertainment single for the special effects. But the reports I’ve heard are that she can’t. If anyone has evidence otherwise I’d like to see it because I really want to like her, she seems to be a really nice fun person.

    When I look at all the artists I’ve loved right from when I was a child, whatever genre they are they have always had outstanding voices, that is right from Karen Carpenter and Tom Jones when I was a toddler, through Adam Ant, Meatloaf, Whitesnake, AC/DC (Bon Scot era) Iron Maiden, and now Adam Lambert. I’ll always feel cheated if a singer can’t sing without Autotune.

    1. RandomEnigma

      I agree with magsmagenta, the only comparisons I can make between Lady GaGa and Ke$ha is that their debut singles were drunken party animal singles and they both go with a similar electropop sound. For me, that’s where the comparisons end. Lady GaGa is by far more talented but Ke$ha is far less pretentious – she doesn’t take herself too seriously and claim she’s writing an “anthem for the next generation” or anything like that.

      I’m not a huge fan of Take It Off, it’s way too steeped in Auto-Tune but the brilliantly colourful video has made it bearable for me.

      Ke$ha has stated when she’s young, she wants her music to reflect that and that’s why she’s going for lyrics about getting drunk etc.. When she’s older, she wants to explore country music because apparently she’s a Southern girl (despite her Valley Girl accent in all her songs).

      Here’s evidence of Ke$ha singing country live without the use of Auto-Tune. True to form, she’s swigging on beer and looking a little intoxicated but her voice is quite nice and should sound good against some country backing. Granted she’s no Whitney Houston but she can sing. Think of her as Taylor Swift’s drunken older sister…

  3. Dara Hickey

    Wow, she actually can sing. I think most of the people claiming she can’t sing have seen her performances one of her hugely energetic, dance-filled performances where she’s constantly moving.

    Lady GaGa was the same – everyone thought she was awful live until she learnt to sing and dance simultaneously. Same with Jason Derulo – I heard him sing ‘What If’ and naturally it was very good, but when he performes ‘Ridin’ Solo’, his dances take away from his vocals.

     P.S. – Did we know Ke$ha is actually 23!? I thought she was something like 18/19!

    1. RandomEnigma

      :O But OddOne, Ke$ha couldn’t be 18/19 considering most of her songs are about getting pissed drunk and waking up in a dumpster each morning (we’ve all been there). The legal drinking age in America is 21 and surely Ke$ha wasn’t drinking before then! 😉 Parents would not stand for such a classless act…

      P.S. I am midly drunk and hope 2 wake up in the mornibg feeling like P. Diddy.

      1. Dara Hickey

        LOL! THERE YOU ARE, RANDY! (Mrs. Weasley voice) WHERE. HAVE. YOU. BEEN.!?

        I missed you. :'( :L And yeah I guess you’re right, and I hope you don’t have too much of a hangover today!


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