Kelly Brook for a Playboy photoshoot?

It’s not like I need an excuse to post a picture of Kelly Brook in her skimpies, but today is a celebration. Miss Brook intends to showcase her lovely assets in a future edition of Playboy.

According to The Sun, Hugh Heffner’s iconic publication is set to pay Kelly a cool half-a-million dollars to pose. The shots are said to be “arty”, but no word yet as to whether she’ll be fully topless.

In what could be one of the best movie promotional campaigns, it’s said that Brook is doing this as part of the publicity for her new movie, Piranha 3D.If this type of thing catches on I can’t wait for the next Jennifer Love Hewitt movie to come out. I’m just saying.

Brook will jet off to the Mediterranean for the two-day shoot, which means she gets a nice little sunshine break on top of the half-million payday. Lucky b*tch. A ‘source’ tells The Sun newspaper:

This is a huge opportunity for Kelly who is without doubt one of the world’s most beautiful women. Playboy is an iconic publication which is known across the world as a sophisticated title. Kelly can’t wait as they are promising a very arty shoot.

The pictures are likely to be published in Playboy in the September or October edition of the magazine. But if you want to get your fix of Kelly Brook’s breathtaking curves before then, you can find her in the July edition of FHM. Ah, FHM, the magazine that has a special place in the hearts of the nation’s men. And also their bathrooms.

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