Kelly Clarkson: ‘I Do Not Hook Up’ Single And Video Review

Song: I Do Not Hook Up

Artist: Kelly Clarkson

Album: All I Ever Wanted

Release Date: 29th May 2009 (IRL), 1st June 2009 (UK)

Genre: Pop rock, electronic rock

Peak Position: 33 (IRL), 45 (UK)

Aw Kelly how I miss your Breakaway days? Back when Avril Lavigne was bragging about being the anti-Britney and yapping about how real she was, Kelly just shut up and let her music do the talking. Yes, the former American Idol champion surprised us all by being the decade’s angry chick, who created loud, angsty rock music but not sacrificing the pop production that made her famous on American Idol.

Fast forward to 2009 and Kelly is still making catchy pop rock music and belting out tunes with her powerhouse voice. But the angst is gone and replaced by…conformity. Yes, while you will probably find yourself singing along to this Katy Perry written track, this is sugary and bland with Auto-Tuned vocals on the chorus, something Kelly definitely doesn’t need. In fact listen to the Perry version of this track and there’s barely any difference. And that’s really the sad thing. It’s a great pop song but entirely lacking in substance.

The video is quite a humourous and saucy piece of work where Kelly ably gets to poke fun at herself! The video begins with Kelly sitting bored at a dinner party where the rich hosts get to show off their snobbery. Suddenly Kelly notices a cute waiter and she basically throttles him on the dining table, kissing him as the shocked guests look on. Sadly, it’s just a fantasy and Clarkson sees that she’s been offered strawberries by an overweight nerd. Hate it when that happens!

The next section of the video shows Kelly dancing and perfoming at a bar while fantasing about hooking up with some other guy! Oooh kinky! And kudos to Kelly for poking fun of herself by falling off the bar and as the shocked punters check to see if she’s okay, Kelly jumps up with a big “WOOO!” and the party starts all over again! Basically Kelly uses a nice dose of humour and her charisma and your on to a winning music video.



  1. Gerard McGarry

    You’re right, so right. I liked My Life Would Suck… for a sense of fun in the video, but my problem with Kelly in 2009 is that Katy Perry can match her vocally, but Katy’s light years ahead in terms of entertainment value. I thought it was a bad idea for Kelly to do a song written by Katy, because it would attract comparisons between them both.

    1. RandomEnigma

      Hmmm yes I know. But according to various other sources I’ve heard that Kelly’s album All I Ever Wanted is her most diverse album yet and that she explores with many different genres while still sticking with the pop rock sound that mad her big! My Life Would Suck… and I Do Not Hook Up are a bit too samey and too much like what other people are doing in pop music right now!

    2. Anonymous

      Actually, as per many interviews with Kelly Clarkson, I Do Not Hook Up & Long Shot were chosen for Kelly’s album before Katy had even come so strongly on the scene with “I Kissed a Girl”.

      Katy was very happy that they were being recorded by Kelly announcing, “Kelly Clarkson paid for my house in Malibu!”

      1. RandomEnigma

        Yes but Katy Perry also recorded I Do Not Hook Up and Long Shot! I heard it on YouTube and to be honest there’s very little difference in the way Kelly and Katy sing both songs!

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