Kiss The Future: U2 announce World Tour

U2 have announced their "Kiss The Future" tour

If memory serves me right, a [[U2]] world tour is a big deal. I think the last time they invaded Belfast was the Zooropa tour. I could be wrong.

The latest buzz if that the band have announced a new world tour in support of their No Line On The Horizon album. According to Billboard, the Kiss The Future tour will kick off on 30th June in Barcelona and take the foursome on a stadium-razing jaunt to major cities all around the globe.

It’s a groundbreaking tour with production that includes a 360-degree audience configuration, ambitious staging, and a cylindrical video screen. “We’re very excited about the idea to go on the road with this album,” the Edge says. “It’s an album that I think is going to translate so well to the live context. The songs we’ve tried in rehearsal are sounding fantastic, so that’s got everyone really fired up.”

U2 will be playing in a setting unique among all previous tours, by any artist. The tour will be global and lengthy. U2 will stay in Europe through Aug. 22, then hit American shores on Sept. 12 with a show at Soldier Field in Chicago; they’ll play in North America until Oct. 28 and plan on working the globe until the fall of 2010. In addition to its production firsts, the tour is destined to become one of the highest-grossing tours ever; at $389 million, the band’s 2005-2007 Vertigo tour is second only to the Rolling Stones’ A Bigger Bang trek.

If Get On Your Boots has left you slightly cold, the notion of a U2 tour will probably still be welcome. After all, they can still roll out all the hits, and there’s bound to be something worthwhile on the new album. Maybe ..Boots will sound better live?

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