Kyle XY, the pilot episode

Kyle XY

Kyle XY was recommended to me by a friend who was watching it on the BitTorrent fast-track system.

Which could lead to a rant about why there’s such a time lag between excellent American TV series airing in the US and in the UK. Why do we have to wait so long?

Normally when a story of this type, the viewers are treated to an origin of the main character. Not so with [[Kyle XY (TV Series)|Kyle XY]] – because the great mystery with Kyle is where he came from.

The episode opens with a naked teenager waking in the middle of a forest. He’s covered in some kind of transparent slime, and we learn from the narration that he has no idea who he is, where he came from and what he’s doing in the forest. His situation is likened to a newborn – it’s like he’s discovering everything for the first time.

We discover that Kyle is exceptional in that first scene – he catches a rattlesnake just as it’s about to strike him. Unfortunately, his razor-sharp reflexes aren’t enough to save him from juvenile dentention. The lucky upside of this is that he ends up in the care of Nicole Trager, who brings Kyle into her family.

I won’t regurgitate the pilot episode for you here. Needless to say,the pilot sets up a number of intriguing questions about the main character thatwe’ll no doubt discover as the series progresses. For one, who is he, and where does he comes from? How many powers does he possess? We’ve seen amazing reflexes, ability to communicate with computers, ability to walk through plate glass windows. He has no belly button. Are there any other biological anomalies? What does the lack of belly button mean – is he clone, alien or what?

I enjoyed the fact that Kyle was explaining his situation as if it was entirely new. His misinterpretation of simple things, like the growth (or shrinkage) of people as they age, and the intentions of the thug in juvie. There’s an endearing naievity about the character, but a weird inner strength too.

There’s also the family dynamic in the Trager house – we start off with two rather self-centered kids who are eventually touched by Kyle’s influence on their lives. Forget his retrieving the younger boy’s porn magazine, or carrying Lori home after the aborted party. The strongest scene was at the end of the episode, where the family, after initially rejecting the boy, help him load his plate up with food.

It’s such a simple action, but there was something very emotive about the family sharing their food with the strange newcomer.

I’m looking forward to this series – and having had a quick look at the show’s homepage, I know now that there’s about two series’ worth of stuff to catch up on. Looking forward to it!

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