Kyrah: Total Ke$ha copycat?

If you asked me what the one act the pop charts do not need a clone of, I would reply Ke$ha. Everything about the girl looks cheap and nasty. And of course, that’s the look she’s going for. But don’t copy her.

And on that note, let me introduce Kyrah – a blonde singer who talks in ‘autotune’ voice, hangs out in toilets and dances in empty baths. Cuz she’s a party gal, see? Just like that Ke$ha girl. In fact, exactly like that Ke$ha girl.

There’s virtually no difference. In fact, the video for her single Uh Oh looks like somebody from Hollyoaks doing a comedy copy of Ke$ha’s Tik Tok. They even fit in that ‘stawwwwppppp’ moment where the music stops for a second. It’s embarrassing to see an artist trying to break through on a direct lift of someone else’s image.

What is truly horrible about all of this is that the song itself is quite good. Yes, it could’ve fallen straight out of the bimbonic artist with a dollar sign in her name’s debut album. There’s an irritatingly catchy hook behind the heaps of autotune and squeaky electronica, and perversely you find yourself wishing she’d wipe that makeup off her face and change her name to something that doesn’t start with ‘K’ and perhaps relaunching her career.

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