Lady GaGa has recently announced that she has planned to release the song Paparazzi as her next single in the UK and Ireland.

LoveGame was supposed to be the next single released on these shores but GaGa (or her managment) decided that LoveGame would be banned due to it’s raunchy video which shows Lady GaGa almost naked in a see-through beaded suit and opening her legs to two men while dressed this way. The video was banned when it was released in Australia earlier this month and the lyrics “Let’s have some fun/this beat is sick/I wanna take a ride on your disco stick” has been frowned upon in both the US and Australia.

After scoring two No.1s in both Ireland and the UK with singles Just Dance and Poker Face. Seeking a third No.1 in both countries, GaGa has decided Paparazzi will be released as soon as possible as it is a safer release and “my favourite song on the album”.

So will it be her third No.1??? Well after hearing this on her debut album The Fame it’s not exactly what you’d expect after hearing her previous two singles. This isn’t exactly a club bouncer. It’s very ’80s synthpop, something you might of heard Madonna sing back then and it’s vocals are very captivating. GaGa goes for a lighter sound here her vocals sort of evoke a more lonely, ballady side but still have those surging synths we’re used to. It’s a pretty good song but not No.1 material. It will probably continue her reign of the charts though and all things cool in music at the moment.

So some of you might be a bit confused with GaGa. Basically GaGa has released two Worldwide singles: Just Dance and Poker Face plus her debut album The Fame  and the EP The Cherrytree Sessions but if you’ve been surfing round YouTube, you might of seen the videos for the funky, bratty Beautiful, Dirty, Rich, the sweet and sunny Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) and of course: LoveGame.

Well here’s a round-up of GaGa’s confusing discography:


The Fame:

Lady GaGa’s debut album was released as a standardtwelve track album as early as July 2008 in Canada and Oceania, it was then released to various parts of Europe in August 2008. When it was released in GaGa’s homeland of the US, a revised fourteen track edition was released to all regions around the World bar the UK and Ireland. A sixteen track edition was released in January 2009 to the UK and Ireland. The revised edition of The Fame was released to Spain, Portugal, Latin America and Japan between the months of February and May 2009 afterwards.


Just Dance:

This first single was originally released in April 2008 to the US, it was then released in Canada, Oceania and Europe in the Summer months. The song was eventually released in UK and Ireland in January 2009. The music video was released to YouTube in July 2008.

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich:

This song was originally intended to be the second single from the album but Poker Face was chosen instead. However, 2 music videos were filmed for the video and it was used to promote the US TV show Dirty Sexy Money. Both music videos were released to YouTube in September 2008. Both videos are very similar but one video includes clips of Dirty Sexy Money intermixed with the original video. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich was released as a digital single only in North America

Poker Face:

This song was chosen as the second official single. The music video was released to YouTube in September 2008. It was released as a single that month in Canada and Oceania that month also. The single was later released to the US and parts of Europe in December 2008. It was released in the UK and Ireland in April 2009.

Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say):

This song was released to Oceania, Switzerland, Sweeden and France in between the dates of January 2009 and March 2009. It was selected as the third official single in these countries. It is intended to be released in North America and parts of Europe in June or July of 2009. The music video was released to YouTube in February 2009.


This song was released to North America and parts of Europe in March 2009 as the third official single in this region. It is planned for release in May 2009 in Oceania as the fourth official single. The music video was released to YouTube in March 2009.


This is set to be the third official single in UK and Ireland. It should be released in June or July of 2009. A music video is believed to be shot in London but has not been released yet.


The Cherrytree Sessions:

This was GaGa’s first extended play and featured live performances of Just Dance, Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) and the now famous piano acoustic version of Poker Face. The album was released Worldwide in February 2009.

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  1. Lisa McGarry

    Wow what a comprehensive post. I love Gaga’s two singles but haven’t heard any of her other tracks yet. I’m going to go and have a listen to Papparazzi now and come back with an opinion ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for the heads up.

    1. RandomEnigma

      Haha thanks yeah I’m feeling it might be a little bit too comprehensive for a blog but hopefully I’ll get better at blogging!

      Thanks for reading and commenting anyway!

      Did you have a listen to Paparazzi.

  2. Lisa McGarry

    It was not at all too comprehensive. Can there be such a thing? I have had a hectic day and haven’t had a listen yet, its next on my list ๐Ÿ™‚

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