Lady GaGa: ‘Paparazzi’ Single And Video Review

Song: Paparazzi

Artist: Lady GaGa

Album: The Fame

Release Date: 3rd July 2009 (IRL), 6th July 2009 (UK)

Genre: Synthpop

Peak Position: 52 (UK), 05 (IRL)

Lady GaGa is truly one of those artists that lives up to the hype surrounding her, having scored two No. 1s with Just Dance and Poker Face across the World, GaGa is set to wow her UK and Irish fans with the release of third single Paparazzi.

While LoveGame was originally intended to be released here, it’s controversial lyrics were too risky to stop GaGa from earning her 3rd No. 1. If you are expecting GaGa to release another club banger like the three prior singles then be prepared for disappointment as Paparazzi sees GaGa in a more reflective mood. Not that this is a bad song with it’s 80’s style sultry beat and heavy synths, GaGa’s vocals are impressive here with a deep mournful undertone to them. The lyrics deal with the dark side of celebrity culture and while it might not be as upbeat as previous releases, give this a chance and you have another deserving Number 1 from GaGa.

Earlier this month GaGa described her work on the music video for Paparazzi as one of her most genius works ever! She might brag on about being an artiste an awful lot but if anything this video simply proves that GaGa’s bragging is true. Running at a staggering eight minutes, the video injects a nice dose of dark humour into the song.

Dressed in her usual outrageous gettup, GaGa switches from costume to costume but it’s the whole celebrity culture piss-take that makes this video laugh out loud. I mean in today’s celebrity culture, are celebrities allowed to be publicly shown with near death experiences and is murder justifiable? As funny and as genius as this video is, it certainly is reflective, much like the song. 5/5                                                          


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