Lady GaGa underwhelms in the stripped down ‘The Edge of Glory’ music video

Lady GaGa has premiered the music video for The Edge of Glory, the third single from her third (or second – I don’t know if The Fame Monster still qualifies as a studio album) album Born This Way

Basically, the video consists of Lady GaGa in a dark, beaed, skimpy costume hopping and dancing around a New York apartment set – with a cameo from the recently hospitalised Clarence Clemmons of Bruce Springsteen’s E-Street Band, who plays the sax. That’s basically it!

What says you? A Lady GaGa video without numerous costume changes, wacky back-up dancers, campy convoluted plots and scenes to amp up the shock factor! Shockingly, no. GaGa keeps it incredibly simplistic in the beautifully lit but sparse ’80s inspired clip and I don’t think it really works in her favour.

You think it would be refreshing but I feel that Lady GaGa has hit a creative wall in her career. This whole Born This Way era feels like its trying to hard to show Lady GaGa as a serious artiste when the reason we all loved GaGa in the first place is because of her explosively catchy pop songs. While The Edge of Glory is a great pop anthem, her previous singles Born This Way, Judas and much of the rest of the album have felt too try-hard and half-baked and GaGa both sonically and conceptually feels like she has run out of ideas. This video just seems to have been thrown out there because GaGa seems to have burned herself out and instead just went for her simplest option available…

Originally Joseph Kahn, the director behind Lady GaGa’s LoveGame and Britney Spear’s Toxic, was in charge of directing the video and a much more GaGa-esque underwater mermaid sequnce, hospital and Brooklyn Bridge scene was added but was scrapped at the last minute due to a rumoured argument between the director and GaGa. So instead, we get this video directed by the New York popstar herself and some of her Haus of GaGa team.

Anyway what do you guys think? My personal opinion is that Lady GaGa needs to take a break and recharge those creative juices but do you prefer this more simplistic video from her? Sound off in the comments below! Also, take a look at the Google Chrome advert that uses Edge of Glory as its soundtrack. I think it’s much better at depicting the scope and epic feel of the song.

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  1. Dara Hickey

    I agree with all of this. A smile wouldn’t be much of an ask, surely!? It just wish, that at the points where she really looks like the music’s going to take her over and she’s just gunna go for it, that she didn’t do that dead-behind-the-eyes thing, and in fact did, for once, let the music take control as it were. Y’know, I wanna see her screw up her face as if she’s really belting it, shake her head feverishly and stamp her feet; possibly some skipping, some mock-Charleston steps and possibly even a deliberately goofy dance move; things like that and such, giving the iompression she’s lost in her own world of elation, far from the darker reality of the song – her smile is so gorgeous and with a bob it teeters on cute, so why she aims for androgyny and with eyes void of emotion in a song about being at the pinnacle of life, I just can’t fathom.

    The video feels so contrived and it was obvious she was miming the whole thing and thinking of how she looked all throughout, which is a shame, because she looked, bizzarely, her most natural since ‘Bad Romance’ and I seriously feel there was a missed opprtunity here.

    And I don’t get where the video goes either, Randy. I like the camera work on the staricase but I feel she should’ve climbed up to the top as the song got bigger and bigger and ended up in the roof, singing passionately to the sky, etc. I was deeply underwhelmed, as you say, and it was a shame to see such an oppotunity wasted, because I doubt GaGa will do anything of this ilk with anything that ends up a single from ‘Born This Way’.

    1. RandomEnigma

      I totally agree with you, OddOne.

      A climb to the top of the building while GaGa looks over New York city would have been breathtaking and simplistic enough without being underwhelming and poorly executed as it is here.

      I actually agree with you on GaGa looking quite natural – she can actually be very beautiful when she wants. Am I the only one thinking she looks a bit like Hayley Williams of Paramore in this video?

  2. Dara Hickey

    You’re not! I noticed it too! I thought I’d better not mention it because I didn’t think there were many fans of both Paramore and GaGa and I might just end up fuelling a fire, though. :L 

  3. Gerard McGarry

    Erm…not sure how to come clean about this, but I think I’m starting to warm to Judas. I’ve looked on Gaga’s website for a support group number, but there doesn’t seem to be one.

    Seriously though, I’ve been hating on Gaga for months now. But after prolonged exposure, the big pulsating electro sound on Judas has worn down my defenses. I no longer change the channel when the video comes on.

    Edge Of Glory doesn enthrall me just as much, because it’s another mish-mash of 80’s pop and synth influences. It feels like Gaga inherited her grannys old Madonna records, loved them and borrowed heavily from them. But it’s not a bad song, and not the most offensive thing in the charts right now.

    As to the video. I get that a load of people are annoyed that it’s not her usual stuff, but wasn’t Gaga repeating herself on every video anyway – campy costumes, big group dance routines, lots of PVC and far too much of her scrawny crotch? I got tired of seeing all that after my five millionth viewing of Bad Romance.

  4. Dara Hickey

    YES GERARD. Now I can finally come out of the closet as quite the ‘Judas’ fan! It’s grew on me too! 

    I remember how I used to slate it and I gave it something like 2 stars? Hmm… It’s easily a 4 star song now, but I can safely say it’ll never be a 5 stars song. :L

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