Lady GaGa’s Bad Romance video is here!

Well, today is exciting day as it’s the release of another GaGa video! Yes, Lady GaGa has released the long awaited video for new single Bad Romance, the first track to be taken for her album re-release/second studio album (?), The Fame Monster. The track has already cracked the Top 10 in Australia, Canada, Finland, Ireland, New Zealand, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States; and deservedly so. The song is very like Poker Face musically and lyrically, a fantastic Red One produced pop song that sounds great on both the radio and in the clubs with similar risqué lyrics (I want your psycho, your vertical stick) and a big stuttering hook (Ruh-ruh-ruh-muh-muh-ruh-mah-ooh-la-la-GaGa-ooh-la-la). However, progression in her sound is definitely apparent with GaGa adopting various different vocal styles, sounding drunk on the verses, sultry on the bridge and loud, hoarse and throaty on the massive chorus even screaming away in French towards the end. What fans are really getting is a sound that is more in comparison that GaGa we see in public than the early electropop/R&B hybrid we seen from GaGa when she first appeared on the scene. Her eccentricity and artiness really shines through on this tune.


The video as expected from GaGa is completely out of the box. Taking place at what looks like a futuristic asylum, GaGa undergoes a number of costume, make-up and wig changes throughout the video. These include her and her backing dancers climbing out of white coffins (how very 2009) and dancing in white costumes, playing a bug eyed mental patient, wearing lacy red costumes and GaGa dressed as what I can only describe a diamond clad stripper. She also plays the vulnerable Lady for what I think is the first time, showing her crying at the camera with neutral make-up. She appears in two dark rooms, in one she’s completely nude and not facing the camera while the other she’s dressed in funeral gear with long wavy hair (I must admit she looks very foxy in this scene). What I also really admire about the video is how she ties it in with the Monster theme of the record; the actors, herself and her backing dancers have moments where they look rather creepy and evil. In short, the video is very creative, out of the box, a bit dark and very, very catwalk. Watch the wonderful end of the video, GaGa can make trashy look like an art form and it involves fire and boobs on the verge of exploding! “Very, very Andy Warhol” as GaGa would say.


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  1. supatwink88

    Just a few corrections. You did a great job by the way–except for…:

    1. It is actually ‘I want your psycho, your VERTIGO stick. Want you in my rear window, baby is sick…”
    –She’s listing Hitchcock films.

    2. It’s set in a post-modern Russian Mafia ran Bath House. The dancers are crawling out of pods, and they are auctioning her off to the highest bidder of the Mafia.

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