Lady Gaga’s Telephone gets the spoof video treatment

If you’re like me and think that [[Lady Gaga]] jumped the shark with her Telephone video, then this spoof from Key Of Awesome will have you in stitches. Done to the tune of Telephone, it shows Gaga blackmailing Beyoncé into appearing in the video, and Beyoncé telling Gaga “you used to be a diva, now you’re Marilyn Manson”.

It’s like a single review in a song. I should really start doing it this way. They deconstruct the entire song while laughing at it the whole time.

And you know the best bit? It’s only two and a half minutes long. No need to sit through Gaga’s overindulgent ten minute video. I hope Gaga sees this parody, because it should bring home a few awkward truths.

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