Lady Sovereign is the third Celebrity Big Brother evictee

In a head to head battle between moody rapper Lady Sovereign and the ever-pleasant glamour model Nicola T, there could only be one outcome. After spending the last week angering the other housemates with her lazy, volatile and selfish behaviour, the public have decided to vote Lady Sovereign out.

This makes Sovereign the third evictee from this year’s [[Celebrity Big Brother (2010 Series)|Celebrity Big Brother]], following Katia Ivanova and Heidi Fleiss.

Lady Sovereign – real name Louise Amanda Harman – was nominated for her steadfast refusal to contribute to any household chores. Things came to a head when former footballer Vinnie Jones asked her to do washing up after a dinner and she walked out of the kitchen. She’s been at the center of confrontation ever since – with her other housemates very much annoyed that she wouldn’t contribute to the household.

Davina announced her eviction live on TV, amid chants from the audience of “Get Sov Out!” and massive booing. Wearing a pair of thick-framed purple glasses (did they even have lenses?), Sov walked out of the house grabbing her breasts.

Davina suggests that Sov’s confidence grew after escaping eviction, but she shows Sov the housemates who nominated her. She gets to watch a video montage of her many strops, but rejects the idea that she was even remotely difficult to live with.

In her exit interview, Sovereign comes across as extremely immature and dismissive of a lot of what Davina’s saying. Davina herself isn’t too sympathetic towards her, but she did try to quiz Sov about her attitude in the house, only to be rejected.

Now, either the editing on Big Brother is seriously biased, or Lady Sovereign is totally out of touch with herself and has no idea how high maintenance she is. I reckon in a few years when she grows up a bit, she’ll realise just how poorly she came across – she’s not a teenager, she’s 24 for God’s sake!

What was your opinion of Lady Sovereign?

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