Last Night’s Idol: Who should get eliminated?

Well, we’ve watched [[American Idol (2010 Series)|American Idol’s]] Sinatra night. Did you notice that nobody sang My Way? There’s something to be grateful for, because My Way is a song that’s been played to death. Nice to see the Idol finalists trying to avoid falling into the cliche trap.

Best performance?

There may be some bickering over this. Simon Cowell reserved his ‘best of the evening’ accolade for the show closer [[Lee DeWyze]]. Lee sang the Sinatra classic That’s Life and was praised by all the judges.

However, [[Crystal Bowersox]] thoroughly impressed me with her version of Summer Wind. She gave a good, jazzy version of the song that was in keeping with the image she’s crafted for herself over the weeks of live shows. It’s not Crystal’s fault that she’s been given a couple of genres that don’t suit her very well. The judges should have taken that into account, because she was clearly putting in the effort.

For my money, Crystal and Lee should be joint second. The best performance of the evening had to be [[Michael Lynche]]’s The Way You Look Tonight. He was poweful and confident, subtle when he needed to be and amazingly comfortable on the stage. Mike’s had a couple of dodgy weeks, but he’s the consumate professional. I’d definitely like to see him in the finals.

Bottom Two (aka Elimination Speculation)

First in my bottom two tonight: [[Aaron Kelly]]. He still gave a very good performance, but you could see the benefit of experience on all the older contestants. He should still have a shot at a music career, but he’ll be more experienced and ready for it after the American Idol summer tour.

But if there’s one person going home this week, it’s got to be [[Casey James]]. He found himself in the bottom last week, and was easily the weakest performer last night. I predict Casey will be eliminated tonight. Still love his style and his music, but he’s floundered in recent weeks and probably needs to be out of the Idol circus in order to regroup.

A DeWyze/Bowersox Final?

Lots of gossip in the last couple of days to suggest that Lee DeWyze has crept up in popularity and that it could be him versus Mamasox in the Idol final.

Certainly, I felt Simon’s harsh comments to Crystal and his favourable ones toward Lee were geared toward levelling the playing field for Lee, leading up to a more dramatic final.

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