Lauren Alaina scores by singing to Steven Tyler – American Idol’s Hollywood Groups

In another of those “nobody would dream of doing this with Simon Cowell” posts, a feisty foursome of auditionees beckon Steven Tyler to the stage and give him a smokin’ serenade.

You know our opinion on stunts like this on [[American Idol (2011 Series)|American Idol]] – the singers need to do something memorable to stand out, and it makes for fantastic television!

So, Tyler gets called to the stage and asked to sit in a chair in the middle. The girls come around him and serenade him with a great country song – and typically for the Aerosmith frontman, he joins in with them on vocals. But even with the help of the greatest lungs in rock, Jennifer Lopez has bad news for the group:

That was very cute. It was a very cute, original idea and that makes this kinda hard. So…Lauren’s the only one who’s going to be going through. For the rest of you, this is the end of the line.

Still, it was one of the funniest group auditions on record. Jennifer Lopez was cracking up at Tyler’s facial expressions and the whole audience were smiling along to the routine. I’m just surprised that it didn’t work in the other girls’ favour!

Nice to see that the other girls remained supportive of Lauren, even though they must have been upset at having been rejected.

PS. Earlier in the audition footage, group member Angela Chesslock showed us her party piece: snorting a noodle up her nose and pulling it out her mouth again. Well, noodles are pretty much the most innocent thing aspiring singers could be snorting in Hollywood, am I right?

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