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While bollocking about the Internet this evening, I came across the blog of an old-series Doctor Who novel writer, Lawrence Miles. I don’t know if you guys have heard of him, but he’s got some very definite (and outspoken) views on the new series of Doctor Who.

He’s clearly not a fan of Russell T Davies, or of much of the post-2005 version of the series, but rightly or wrongly, he makes a damned fine point in much of his writing. Whether you agree with it or not.

I must have spent three hours reading his blog posts – on Who-related topics like the heirarchy of cult fans, his views on Torchwood, some stunning deconstructions exposing the weaknesses of the current series. And the blog must have one of the funniest sidebars I’ve ever read, especially the Doctor Who gadget catalogue, including this gem…

MW3 . Wristband Teleporter. The perfect way to get characters exactly where they need to be, without any need for proper coordinates or logical storytelling. Comes equipped with the new WhateverFix system: if disabled by a sonic device, the wristband can be re-booted just by punching in two digits from a completely different teleportation device that’s been produced by a completely different technology. Capable of transporting three people halfway across the galaxy and billions of years back in time, unless used in the middle of a Dalek attack, in which case it’s capable of transporting one person from Cardiff to London while leaving everybody else behind to die. Cat. no. 190311.

Now, there’s a fair degree of bitterness within the blog posts, which I think Lawrence would happily admit to. However, he has a great feeling for the history of the show and its original aims. Actually, reading some of his critique for the new series, I wonder how [[David Tennant]], a self-professed fan of the original series, would feel about how his three-and-a-bit series’ stand up to the first run of Who…

And finally, a feature I wish Miles had continued – his talent of 2007 list, in which he lists the hot females in each episode and tells us Which One He’d Have. It’s a brilliant concept, and something which I’ll happily admit to doing whenever I watch any television programme. Good to know there are a few other pervs out there…

It would be nice to see, amid all the criticism of the new series, something like a blueprint of how he would take the series forward. It would be fascinating to see how a Doctor Who author would continue past the Tennant era and how he’d reinvent The Doctor and what sort of stories he would write for him. Any chance?

One last thing – if you’re listening, Lawrence – that white text on black background is excruciating to read. That’s my only complaint.

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